1st scientific workshop for stakeholders: Vienna, Austria, 5-6 April 2017

The first scientific workshop for stakeholders “European Workshop on Quantitative Imaging for molecular radiotherapy – metrology for clinical practice” took place in BEV, Vienna, Austria, 5-6 April 2017.

Workshop agenda is available here Adobe Acrobat file.

The workshop was focused on calibration and validation of quantitative imaging for dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy as well as providing an introduction and overview of the EMPIR MRTDosimetry project devoted to providing state of the art dosimetry and protocols for clinical practice.

Emphasis was given to presentation and discussion of methods currently implemented at different centres and establishing an effective forum for discussion.  The aim of the workshop was to agree on standard calibration methods that can be developed by the MRTDosimetry project as the basis of an international dosimetry protocol. It is important that the experience of the MRT community is represented as widely as possible.

Presentations for download:

Methodology and results of planar calibration with I-131 and Lu-177… With potential implication on SPECTAdobe Acrobat file (Carlo Chiesa, Italy)

Towards a quality assurance for dosimetry in fractionated molecular radiotherapyAdobe Acrobat file (Gwennaelle Marin, Belgium)

IAEA activities in the field of dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical TherapyAdobe Acrobat file (Gian Luca Poli, IAEA)

Quality assurance of activity administration in Selective Internal Radiation TherapyAdobe Acrobat file (Hugo Levillain, Belgium)

Quantitative Imaging: A hospital physicist’s perspectiveAdobe Acrobat file (James Scuffham, United Kingdom)

Traceable Quantification for Ga-68 based PET/CTAdobe Acrobat file (Kristof Baete, Belgium)

Uniformity testing of gamma cameras at high count-ratesAdobe Acrobat file (Nick Bates, United Kingdom)

Stumbling towards (accurate) quantitative imagingAdobe Acrobat file (Stephan Witoszynskyj, Austria)

“Theagenio” Hospital of Thessaloniki – Nuclear Medicine Department’s methods for Ra-223 and I-131 dosimetryAdobe Acrobat file (Maria Kotzasarlidou, Greece)